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Jim and Todd did an excellent job on the home inspection. They were exceptionally thorough and did well to explain their findings. Jim even offered up his personal contact information and told me to call any time, day or night, if I had questions on the house.

Mitchell W.

Jim and Todd were both thorough with their inspections. They were both very knowledgeable and were able to explain everything that was good or needed improving for a prospective home. They were very friendly and made themselves available for questions even after the inspection ended. I highly recommend going to them for home inspections!

Guillermo & Ricardo R.

Jim and Todd were amazing, very thorough and spent more time than needed to walk me through everything they noticed in the house. Would recommend them to anyone!

James H.

Jim, was great. Did such a great job in both of the areas. Was readily accessible and more than willing to answer any questions we had.

Jeff & Teresa T.

Todd our inspector is very thorough and professional.

Mrs. M.

Very professional and responsive! Excellent, knowledgeable, and attention to details!

Carlos C.

Todd and Jim were great and worth every penny walking us through what we were looking at with a new home purchase, things to be concerned about, things that were any easy fix ect. For first time home buyers who haven’t had to look after a property before they were easy to ask questions of and drastically lowered the stress of the day.

Sara S.

They did a good quality job on our new home and they provided some good suggestions regarding maintenance of our new home. They were also cordial, polite, and thorough. They took the time to explain areas of concern to us and they provided a prompt report for our upcoming annual inspection. They did our initial inspection and this was our followup for our home warranty inspection. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home inspection company,

Alice B.

A very responsive team who were incredibly professional throughout the process. Explained everything very easily to someone with less knowledge in some of the elements they saw and had clearly completed a thorough inspection of the space.

Yannick H.

Jim and his team are absolutely wonderful. They made the very intimidating task of buying our first home so much easier. They were informative and took the time to explain everything they found during the inspection. I highly recommend them!

Jenna W.

Jim and Todd are very knowledgeable and friendly. They explained things thoroughly and exhibited a genuine concern for a new home owner!

Becky C.

Todd and Jim were very thorough and informative. The report was comprehensive and included many images and videos to support their findings. We were grateful to have them guide us through our first home inspection. Thanks guys!

Carl F.

Great service , friendly staff quick delivery

Krishna R.

The service was performed on time and the results reported accurately.

David W.

Excellent company. They explain in details and simple language what needs to be done. I recommend.

Sidonio C.

Jim is a thorough inspector, does a great job and cares about his customers. I highly recommend Jim to anyone who needs an impartial opinion of their home purchase.

Chuck B.

Todd Abbott inspected it and did a very thorough job. He was focused on giving us the best possible report so we now feel confident that we can address any problems with our builder before the warranty deadline. His knowledge of all the areas of our home was impressive. Also, the report was emailed to us promptly. We would recommend this company and especially Todd with no hesitation whatsoever.

Stuart J.

Extremely thorough professional and helpful On how to approach negotiating with the builder. Went the extra distance and came back to make sure things were corrected properly

Margo B.

Excellent Job and very satisfied. Thank you so much!

James & Cynthia R.

Jim Lampe was excellent. Very thorough and professional! Best house inspector I have used.

A Milano

They do a great job. Very thorough and seldom miss any issues. Would use them again.

Frank & Tadari M.

I went under contract on a home unexpectedly before a planned international trip and was stressed out. HouseMaster was able to get me scheduled super quickly and provided an incredibly thorough 106 page report same day as the inspection. They answered all my questions which, as a first time home buyer, made me feel at ease. Thank you so much Todd and Jim!

Lydia N.

Jim and his team are wonderful! I am a Realtor and I always trust this team to get inspections done in a timely matter, and they always do a very thorough job. They also do a fabulous job explaining everything to the buyers, which is particularly helpful for first time buyers!

Riley W.

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